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A Faucet For Your Cryptocurrency

Our userbase of 98776 have claimed 9619 times from our internal faucets today.

You can add a faucet for your cryptocurrency on The faucet will appear on the front page, and the faucet list.

The community is always excited for new cryptocurrencies to claim. Users will claim a small amount of your coin / token and learn about the project's ideas, history, where to trade it, and details about the asset.



  • ✅ Your crypto on the front page
  • ✅ Unlimited claims per day
  • ✅ Links to your crypto website
  • ✅ Links to exchanges
  • ✅ Links to announcement page
  • ✅ Wallet functionality on
  • ✅ Information about your project shown to every user who claims
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PTC Faucet

Give our highly engaged cryptocurrency audience access to your Website for an exceptionally low CPV

Free Faucet users are rewarded by visiting your website and viewing your content for a minimum time period. Users are quizzed on the content of your website, to confirm the validity of their impression

Example PTC faucet card below:

Visits from

$5 / 1000 visits

  • ✅ Your project shown on the faucet list
  • ✅ Guaranteed high quality impressions
  • ✅ You choose the user's reward
  • ✅ Exceptionally good value CPM
  • ✅ User rewarded after passing quiz about your content
  • ✅ Extra user impressions on your faucet card whenever a user claims from a PTC faucet
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External Faucet

Reward any action on your website with crypto, using the Webfaucet API

Using our simple API, you can reward users for performing an action on your website (ie registering, subscribing or other event), once per 12 hours or as a one time payment. Our audience of avid cryptocurrency enthusiasts will travel to your website to claim cryptocurrency.


FREE Setup

  • ✅ Link to your website on
  • ✅ Simple API integration
  • ✅ Reward user for completing any action on your website
  • ✅ Reward users from 1 Satoshi for performing an action
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Email Blast Faucet

Send an Email of Your Choice to the Entire Free Faucet Mailing List

Spread your message with an email blast to 86357 users. Our audience of avid cryptocurrency enthusiasts will see your email and claim a small amount of cryptocurrency. Then the user will then be redirected to a claim success page and see your email body again.

Explainer Video:
Example Email Faucet:

Price from

Price 0.3BTC

  • ✅ Send email to 86357 subscribed users
  • ✅ 30% open rate average
  • ✅ 30% clickthrough rate average
  • ✅ Fully customise your email
  • ✅ Specify Date
  • ✅ Unlimited Links to Your Content
  • ✅ Up to 100,000 Characters
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