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A Geofaucet is a kind of cryptocurrency faucet.

When scanned at the set location, it rewards the scanner with cryptocurrency.

The Geofaucet also rewards its owner every time someone scans it. The owner is rewarded with 10% of all coins claimed through the geofaucet. You can set up your own geofaucet and start earning from it by clicking the My Geofaucets button below.

Geofaucet Map

Number of Active Geofaucets Worldwide: 519

How to claim from a geofaucet

Step 1 - Find a Geofaucet on the map.
More Locations Coming Soon

Step 2 - Find the QR code at the real-life location, and scan it with your phone for a cryptocurrency reward. The owner of the geofaucet also receives a 10% bonus of your reward.


Step 3 - Visit the Geofaucet once every 12 hours for another reward.