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FreeFaucet.IO Is Moving Jurisdictions

Due to regulatory requirements, FreeFaucet.IO wallet functionality will be paused until the week of January 18th 2021, as we move to a new jurisdiction. You can still see your wallet balances, but you will be unable to move your crypto until we are back online.

FreeFaucet.IO will re-enable all wallet functionality on the week of January 18th 2021, when we have reincorporated in a new jurisdiction.

Please direct any queries to [email protected].

A personal message from the developer:

Hi everyone. Due to ever-tightening regulatory requirements in the UK, I have decided to move the site to another country, so we can keep things alive. Don't worry we will be back to normal soon. Nothing is going to change to the website, or your wallets, I just have to pause their functionality temporarily. I will be working hard to continue site development, as we move to another jurisdiction. Please send any queries to the email above and I will try my best to answer them, during this busy time.

- Dev Oscar