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Your experience level will effect your reward when airdrops specific cryptocurrencies through our airdrop miner. Users with higher experience levels will be rewarded for their support and loyalty on the site.


Level 5

Reach Level 5


Level 10

Reach Level 10


Level 25

Reach level 25



Faucet Newbie

Claim from a faucet 10 times


Seasoned Faucet Claimer

Claim from a faucet 100 times


Faucet Master

Claim from a faucet 1000 times

Up or Down


Biggest Winner

Win the maximum stake (1000 BRAZ) on the Up or Down game


Biggest Loser

Lose the maximum stake (1000 BRAZ) on the Up or Down game


Against All Odds

Win 10 Up or Down game plays in a row


Is This %@#! Rigged?

Lose 10 Up or Down game plays in a row



Generous Tipper

Tip at least 10 different people in the community chat


Community Standout

Be tipped by one of the developers



Be recognised by the developers for your contributions



Design something for that is used on the site Leveling Guide enables users to build up their reputation with the website, and earn increasing rewards. By using the website, the user indirectly gains experience points over time. There are many ways to earn points on This guide explains how you can earn experience effectively on the site.


A user gains experience points by interacting with the features on the website. The leveling up system is designed to reward consistent use of the site over time. Whether it be community involvement, claiming from faucets, setting up geofaucets, creating news content, or anything that adds value to the FreeFaucet ecosystem. When the user interacts with the FreeFaucet website in some way, they are rewarded with a small amount of experience. The leveling system is intended to serve as a way to fairly airdrop cryptocurrency to the users of The users who have spent the most time earning experience on the site are rewarded with the most cryptocurrency through the airdrops.


Claiming from faucets is the most effective way to earn experience on the website. Every time you claim cryptocurrency from a faucet, you are awarded with experience. You can track your experience by watching the experience bar at the top of the screen. It appears on many pages throughout the website.

Logging In

You can gain experience simply by logging into the website. When you log in, you gain a small amount of experience - you can gain experience from logging in a maximum of once every twelve hours.

Premium Membership

Premium members earn increased rewards for their patronage to the website. The higher the subscription level, the more experience the user earns for each action, by default. The subscribers also have access to higher volumes of claims every day, so they can earn even greater amounts of experience daily.


Claiming from, and setting up geofaucets earns the user experience on the website. Whenever an outside user claims or registers through a geofaucet, the geofaucet owner earns experience too.

Experience Faucet

Coming Soon

You can use your claims to gain experience directly. By using your claims on the Experience Faucet, users can quickly level up and gain reputation with the site.

Notes From the Developers

We designed the leveling system to reward users who add the most to the ecosystem. Any positive interaction with the site will result in you earning experience. To get the most out of the site, be as active as you can and be a positive force for good! We are constantly looking to reward our members for their contributions, so don't be shy.